Houston Business Loans provides a fast, efficient way to access the funding you need within 24-48 hours.


We are even able to accept loan applications even from business owners with bad credit. You can expect to receive your business loan for bad credit into your bank account in less than 2 business days.


Our business is able to offer loans in most states nationwide however this office focuses on clients looking for a business loan in Houston.


Since the financial crisis of 2008 banks shy away from anyone with less than perfect credit or without a significant amount of collateral to offer as a guarantee.  Oftentimes they require both!

Am I eligible for a business loan?


If you can answer yes to each of the below, we have a 100% approval rate:

500+ Credit Score

Minimum of 3 months in business

Revenue of at least $10,000 per month

Able to provide 3 months bank statements


*if you are unable to answer “yes” to all the above we may still be able to help – it will depend on your individual circumstances.

Highlights of your Business Loan:

Our plans for repayment of your loan are based on a small percentage of your revenue therefore there is often no fixed payment no “have to make”. You know that as you concentrate on your business and producing revenue your loan will slowly be repaid at a rate you can afford.

The loan amount is based on cash-flow

"Houston Business Loans came to my rescue and allowed me to extend my customer base."

                                   Martin Hernandez

                                       Blooms and Blooms

Funds available from $5,000-$1 Million

Interest rates starting at 5.49%

No arrangement fees

No Pre-Payment penalty

Terms: 3months- 5 years

Funds into your business bank account within 24-48 hours

Approval often within an hour

I am interested, how does this loan program work?


Our loans are processed within minutes of your application and the loan amounts are flexible based on your requirements and the revenues generated by your business. We require 3 months (prefer 6months) of business bank statements to support your application. We are able to offer short terms emergency loans of as little as 3 months or repayment over as long as 5 years.

"James stepped in and made the process seamless. We had our loan approved and funded within a week."

                               Ian & Chelsea Franks

                                    Houston Gadgets

Will you run my credit?


Your personal credit is checked but we do not use this as a basis for approving or denying your loan unless your score is below 500 in which case it may be taken into consideration. Your business cash-flow is used to determine your ability to repay.

Will my business really qualify for a business loan?


We can finance almost any legal business in 47 states if it has been trading for at least 90days and has bank statements to prove current revenue is at least $10,000 per month (in certain cases we may be able to accept as little as $5,000 per month).

Are there any restrictions on the use of the loaned funds?


No. The loan is yours to do with as you please. You can use it to buy inventory, advertise, pay down other debts, business payroll, building renovations or business expansion. You can even use the loan as a down payment for a real estate investment.

How much are you able to offer?


We offer loans for as little as $5,000 and for up to $1,000,000. The amount you are able to qualify for is dependent entirely on your current business revenues through your bank account(s).

Is there a penalty for early repayment?


There is no penalty for repaying your loan early.

How soon will I receive funding from the loan?


Once we have your application and supporting documents the money will be available in your bank account within 24-48 hours.

Will additional loans be available to me in future?


Definitely! As we any lender your track record speaks for itself. Once a relationship is established we are able to offer loans to you again in future as and when you need.

My bank loan was declined, will this be any different?


Our loans are based on ability to service a debt (repay the loan) whereas banks look at your personal credit history, your business AND collateral. Fail in any of those areas and your loans is an automatic decline. As our guidelines are not so rigid we are usually able to help where a bank cannot.

Will my business fit into your lending guidelines?


We work with businesses in every conceivable market.  Any legitimate and legal business is a candidate for one of our loans. We have many deals in place with restaurants, retail outlets, physicians, beauty salons, construction companies, real estate investors and more.

What fees do you charge?


We do not charge any upfront fees or back end fees on our loans.

What is the interest rate?


There is no set interest rate. The interest payable will depend on your business financials and the loan term. Generally you can expect to repay $0.10 to $0.15 for every $1 borrowed.





"I am proud to carry on my father's legacy.  Houston Business Loans made it possible for me to keep the music alive. Thank you."

             Bert Collins

                 Houston, Texas

"My shop is my second home, somewhere I serve my community doing what I love. Without Houston Business Loans, I would never have chased my dream."

              Anne Berkle

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