For most people, the process of obtaining a small business loan in Houston can be difficult, time consuming and often fruitless.  Banks will require solid personal credit, plenty of collateral, detailed financials and tax records (minimum 2 years tax returns) and often a proven track record in the industry you are working in.


Even when backed by the Small Business Administration banks do not stray from these rigid requirements.



The normal turn-around time for banks to receive and approve a Houston business loan application can be weeks so it is not a viable option for a small business in need of urgent funds to survive a temporary cash-flow problem.



Oftentimes not having access to fast loans can be the difference between a small business surviving and going bankrupt. There are many situations where a quick loan can help bridge the gap in a way most other organizations are unable to.

We have helped many clients over hurdles such as:

Expansion of business property

Advertising Costs


Debt consolidation

New customer being on terms  30, 60 or 90 days but suppliers or services needed payment in advance

Increased inventory required to service business growth

Large contract won, need for urgent cash to fund project

Killer property deal available in private deal or at auction and the funds are needed immediately

Payroll or taxes coming at the wrong time causing a temporary cash flow crisis

Already extended business loans with the bank and additional finance needed

And many more…  we can help with just about any scenario.



If you are looking for a local small business loan then you have come to the right place.  Business Loans Houston will work with local business people to solve loan requirements where others won’t or can’t.  What’s more we are able to customize your loan program to make a payment plan that will be affordable. We have incredibly flexible loan programs.







We have lenders who specialize in lending to businesses with bad credit


No business plan required


Unsecured loan (no collateral needed)


Rapid Funding – our fastest loans are completed in under 24 hours


Flexible repayment terms to suit your business


Funds can be used for anything

Highlights of our  Houston Small Business Loans program:





"I am proud to carry on my father's legacy.  Houston Business Loans made it possible for me to keep the music alive. Thank you."

             Bert Collins

                 Houston, Texas

"My shop is my second home, somewhere I serve my community doing what I love. Without Houston Business Loans, I would never have chased my dream."

              Anne Berkle

                 Houston, Texas